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Art piece for The Art of Dying

May 18, 2021
Timed Moments by the Laws of Nature, 2016

Drawing and paintings that I have done while in college and in the past.

May 3, 2015

2011. Feisty boy with hat.

Feisty boy with hat. Oil painting. SF State Spring 2011

Alternative self-portrait in oil painting. Spring 2011

Alternative self-portrait in oil painting. SF State Spring 2011.

Mystical Creature Project. Black ink. CCSF 2009

Mystical Creature Project. Black ink. CCSF 2010.

City College of San Francisco class. Collage drawing study. Circa 2010

City College of San Francisco class. Collage drawing study. Circa 2010

Whimsical meanderings of a character with a top hat. Graphite 2007

Whimsical meanderings of a character with a top hat. Graphite 2007


Part of an art collection that involved top hats. Acrylic, ink and pencil. 2007

Returning Back to Creative Expression.

October 8, 2014

Made in Earlier July:

Photo on 10-7-14 at 7.02 PM #2

Sept 23, 2014

Photo on 9-24-14 at 12.35 AM

Oct. 7, 2014

Photo on 10-7-14 at 10.55 PM - Version 2


October 3, 2014

“May we be more neutral in our approach when we work with clients, people, because our indications of change are not the same as others. We must learn to offer what we have and not push too hard on other people’s boundaries. Respect the walls and shells because they have them for a reason. May we not be driven by an egoic need to do something; rather acknowledge our need to contribute to life and welfare and trust that our presence, touch, and unspoken conversation is enough. Everything else will come in time.” – Melanie Alejandra Trelles Pardo

Truly Inherent

March 8, 2014

Breath, Truly inherent,

all the waves

of the things that I want to say and try to Express in this generation of time that exists

in a fraction

of these seconds, I am here, I am now

Begin the write, for these typed words are not my type, when I can’t manage the spaces inbetween.


Return to some past creative arts

September 7, 2013

Things I created in my last year of college at SFSU.

Human operated Water Pump.

The structure of the treadle water pump is credited to

542271_10150946926044434_798239052_nFurry Snail-like Wheely Chair

Materials: Chair seat taken from dumpster, iron rods, cardboard, sisal fiber, staples, parts of a handcart.

Exhibited Art:

Energy Harvesting Paintbrush displayEnergy Harvesting Paintbrush Display

L1064198L1064197The led-lights on the paintbrush sequentially light up as the user brushes away on the canvas. In addition, the battery images charges up as well. Courtesy of Arduino and all of the help that I received from some friends. Thank you.







Work Samples in Sculpture

July 2, 2012

Here on the left three photos is an interactive sound sculpture I did where the wearer would tie the lower part of the contraption around the waist, while the upper part braces itself around the back of the neck of the wearer. The bottom of the two white strings would then attach to the feet of the wearer, and while the wearer walked, the two wood pieces in the middle of the piece would alternatively clip clop, open and shut, as it is made from 4 parts. (2 pieces laying on top of each other on each side.) On the right we have a PVC pipe with a timeline of the SF water pipeline development as a statement about water and the history of the SF water department.

New Forms of the Apocalypse: Filming Day 3/29/12

March 30, 2012

Yesterday filming was more successful and fun than what I had imagined. My friend and roommate Samantha was able to perform in the film, dressed up all in white to represent life, which was a total lifesaver and a blessing, since she already had the perfect look and haircut to go along with the apocalyptic theme.

So before the filming formally began, I decided to dress one of the project members up as a golden deer:

Afterwards, we went back into the studio after I picked up Samantha. It was time to do David’s makeup to represent death:

Makeup, actors,  and set done, I discussed some filming and directing ideas with Michelle Blade and quickly got started. Originally I thought that the image projections were solely going to be on the cheesecloth, but instead the images were projected onto a wall that covered the actors completely, camouflaged within the apocalypse. It almost looked like some hipster music video. I hope to post the video on youtube when it is completed. : )

Michelle Blade on Left!

The large scale projection definitely made the video more dramatic.
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March 29, 2012



and here

This is the worktable I assembled the pipe on.

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Apopcalypse Project: With local Bay Area artist, Michelle Blade

March 25, 2012


So I’m currently gathering images for the apocalypse project that I’m doing with my partner, David Weitz, in collaboration with SF Bay Area artist Michelle Blade. The idea that David came up with (and then we both embellished upon) was to film a person dressed in white to represent life, while another person representing death and dressed in black wraps the person with cheesecloth. Image projections of war, chemical, environmental and both mainstream and conventional news headlines are going to be cast on the moving cheesecloth. So now I need a film-maker who can help me with this. This film piece will be exhibited in the Martin Wong Gallery at SFSU.

So to start with, I will begin this post with images of the universe, from deep space to galaxy to black hole.

Now progressing to Images of current day apopcalypse 2012: Wars around the world currently, 2 pictures each. Beginning with: Algeria, Angola, Central African Republic, Chad, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, etc, based upon this website:

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